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ee Taco Bell to open in Poole
Taco Bell Poole

Taco Bell, pioneers of Mexican-inspired cuisine is continuing its Live Más march across the UK with the opening of its fifteenth UK restaurant and second in the South of England, in Poole, on Wednesday 10th May 2017 Find out more

ee Bud Light comes to the UK
Bud Light available in the UK from March 2017

After much heartache visiting UK supermarkets seeing empty shelves which once stocked many bottles of Bud Light we can finally tell you that it's now available in many bars and shops right here in the UK. Wetherspoons pubs have it available on draught so go grab yourself a glass! Find out more

ee Taffy Mail - American Candy Subscription
Taffy Mail

Taffy Mail is an American candy subscription service based in the UK that curates a box of candy for our subscribers each month. We have three tiers currently - Lite, Classic and Extra, which are priced at £7.49, £14.99 and £24.99 respectively. Find out more HERE or SUBSCRIBE NOW

ee Taco Bell UK partners with KitKat®

Taco Bell, the world’s largest Mexican Quick Service Restaurant Chain has exported their global reputation of pairing the impossible to the UK, with their new partnership with Nestlé. Bringing unique and innovative products to their customers has always been a top priority for Taco Bell and the Chocodilla, made with KitKat® is no exception. It took months of tasting and trying different ingredient combinations to come up with this collaboration.