Samuel Adams Boston Lager UK

Sam Adams UK

The Beer

• Samuel Adams Boston Lager is the number one craft beer in the United States
• Samuel Adams is handcrafted in single batches with extraordinary care and attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients
• Originally brewed by Jim Koch in his kitchen, Samuel Adams Boston Lager started a beer revolution
– 6 weeks after it was first packaged, the beer won ‘Best Beer in America’ at the Great American Beer Festival
• To begin with, Samuel Adams Boston Lager was only stocked in 25 venues, with Jim Koch going from bar to bar with bottled samples to grow the business

The Beer

• Samuel Adams Boston Lager is full-flavoured and well balanced
• The balance of malty sweetness is contrasted by hop spiciness and followed by the robust, smooth finish that sets the standard for all Samuel Adams beers
• Available in 330ml and 500ml bottles and 30L kegs
• Samuel Adams Boston Lager is the perfect choice for the quality conscious consumer looking for an alternative to mainstream lagers

The Brewing Process

• The brewing of Samuel Adams Boston Lager is different to the standard brewing practices of lager in a number of ways
• Most importantly is the addition of a ‘Krausening’ stage – where yeast used in a younger brew is transferred into the beer halfway through fermentation
• At the end of fermentation, the beer is dry-hopped to give the characteristic hoppy aroma of the lager