Taco Bell partnering with KitKat®

Taco Bell UK

Taco Bell gives UK fans a break by partnering with KitKat®


Taco Bell, the world’s largest Mexican Quick Service Restaurant Chain has exported their global reputation of pairing the impossible to the UK, with their new partnership with Nestlé.

Bringing unique and innovative products to their customers has always been a top priority for Taco Bell and the Chocodilla, made with KitKat® is no exception. It took months of tasting and trying different ingredient combinations to come up with this collaboration.


“Since we rolled out our new restaurant design in 2015, our customers have been able to enjoy Taco Bell while having a break with our ‘chill out’ seating zones, free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations,” says Ellen Gault, Marketing Manager, Taco Bell UK & Europe. “This year, we’re allowing our customers to take that break to the next level thanks to our partnership with Nestlé, and the Chocodilla made with KitKat®.”


The Chocodilla, made with Kit Kat joins the ranks of past celebrated Taco Bell creations such as the Quesarito, Grilled Stuft Nacho and Crunchwrap Supreme. New innovations are constantly being developed, tested and screened to bring fans the bold new tastes that they crave and have come to expect from Taco Bell UK.


"Kit Kat is an exciting addition to Taco Bell's fan-favourite Chocodilla and we hope Brits will love the  taste of chocolate, wafer and crunch added to their after dinner treat," says Anushka Christie-David, QSR Customer Development Manager, Nestlé Professional. "We can't wait for UK fans to get their hands on one and have the break they deserve."


The Chocodilla, made with Kit Kat will be in Taco Bell UK stores for a limited time for a retail price of £1.29 with any Combo purchase. Taco lovers looking to have a break can visit any of our social channels - @TacoBellUK on Twitter, Taco Bell UK on Facebook, or on Instagram @tacobelluk for more details.